a marriage of two cultures


My childhood was spent divided between Australia and Italy exploring coffee in both cultures.

Yes, children in Italy drink coffee!

I spent long summers in the Italian countryside sipping on espressos with my family and the rest of the year living the quintessential ‘beachy’ lifestyle of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

I was fully submerged in the #lattelife of the burgeoning cafe culture here.

Through owning and running multiple successful cafes across Sydney, I honed in on exactly what modern consumers want from their coffee.

Today’s coffee drinkers have a discerning palate with a desire to consume only the best.

I believe there should be no noticeable difference between the quality of a coffee you drink in a cafe and the coffee you drink at home.

My belief in the quality of time-honoured traditions brought me to the wood fired process.

The only way to lift ordinary coffee to extraordinary coffee.

Don’t mistake it for cooking with a woodfired oven - the smoke doesn’t flavour the coffee.

The key benefit is being able to roast for longer at a lower temperature directly resulting in a final product which is lower in acidity and higher in body.

I am a passionate Italian living the dream on the northern beaches of Sydney.

My coffee is the embodiment of both of these much loved cultures.

A rich, distinct flavour.

You can taste the authenticity in every single drop.

Mark Pupo, Founder