Australian coffee culture, in my opinion, is one of the most refined in the world. It extends far beyond being ‘hipster’.... coffee is a way of life, part of our DNA, and a daily (almost religious!) ritual.

Aussies are incredibly discerning when it comes to coffee. It’s serious business. They aren’t lured in or impressed by big global logos; they want a full-flavoured and rich morning elixir expertly crafted by their highly-skilled, knowledgeable and passionate local barista.

I know this first hand. I’ve lived it my entire life.

My childhood was divided between Australia and Italy, exploring coffee in both cultures.

I spent long summers in the Italian countryside sipping espressos with my family and the rest of the year, living the quintessential ‘beachy’ lifestyle of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

And through owning and running multiple successful cafes across Sydney, I honed in on exactly what modern consumers want from their coffee. So I set out to develop a product that Aussies could enjoy at home. It needed to be unique, distinct and rich in flavour, and every bit as good as a barista-made coffee.

My belief in the quality of time-honoured traditions brought me to the wood fired cooking process, igniting the spark that is now Wood Fired Coffee.

We are a family-owned and locally-operated business on the northern beaches of Sydney. Our custom-made woodfire roaster, fuelled by a special blend of reclaimed iron bark, yellow box and mahogany specialty wood, slowly and gently roasts our sustainably-sourced coffee beans. The result is coffee that is low in acidity and bitterness, with a delicate balance of full body and flavour.

You can taste the authenticity in every single drop.